Pushchair Envy

Pushchair Envy

Someone told me the other day that whisper was that Kate Middleton’s is to have a Bugaboo. Have no idea if this is true…in fact I am pretty sure the royal baby will have a variety of prams and pushchairPushchair EnvyPushchair Envys. My ears pricked up though as they always do when someone mentions  prams

Baby travel systems & pushchairs were my weakness when I was a new mum. I would look at other peoples and suddenly decide I need a new one. Now being a thrifty type I would sell on the one I had and try and get my desired one second hand. I just love them I probably had 4 or 5 in the end. I sold a Quinny Buzz for more than I paid for it after a years use  …I’m very proud of that!

I am loving the Britax Affinity in the plum, it is not only a travel system but as a buggy has fully reversible seats too. Gosh that would have been everything I wanted all in one.

I never felt envious about maternity clothes, or car seats, playpens or activity mats, baby clothes or stylish nurseries. We were on a budget with our baby and I totally accepted that…except when it cam e to pushchairs. They really floated my boat.

I learned 2 really important lessons about buggys that I want to share…

1. DO NOT LEND SOMEONE YOUR BUGGY! I did twice and it was handed back in a bad state by both parties and I was sad

2. Really research what it is you want form your buggy to make sure its right for you. First time round I was totally swayed by appearance and the fact my husband liked it. I should have looked into it a lot more than that. I loved my baby facing me for example and I should have really thought through how big my car boot was!

Don’t be a fashion victim though find a pram that’s right for your family’s needs or like me and Princess Kate you will probably get through a few!






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