Profile of a budgeting mum: Utterly Scrummy

What’s your name? Michelle Rice

Any kids? 3 daughters aged 11, 8 and 5.

Do you work? Yes, part-time.

If so what do you do? I’m a nurse at our local hospital, I work bank shifts.

Why do you work? We need the money, and I need to keep my nursing registration. I also like my job, most of the time.

What are your childcare arrangements? I work unsociable hours because we can’t afford to pay for childcare.  My husband usually looks after our girls, or friends help out when necessary.

How do you manage for money? There never seems to be enough!  We try and save but that always gets spent on emergencies that crop up.  We can’t afford to go on holiday or eat out/get takeaways. We don’t smoke or own a car either as we can’t afford the expense of a vehicle.  We also don’t have credit cards, if we can’t afford it we don’t buy it.

Do you worry about money? Yes, a lot.

What do you waste money on? Nothing, there’s never any spare to waste.

How do you make extra cash? I sell chocolate brownies via post and also sell celebration cakes locally.

Please share 3 top budgeting tips –

Charity shops are fab for kids clothes, you can add your own trims, appliqué, etc to liven them up.  My 3 girls love a good charity shop afternoon, they have a good eye for decent clothing that is a bargain price LOL  Having 3 daughters means that the younger two get hand-me-downs.  I try and refresh the clothes for each daughter by adding appliqué or trim, even a strip of fabric just above the hem works wonders and transforms an item of clothing.  If you don’t have a sewing machine and/or can’t sew then iron on Bondaweb is fab for making your own inexpensive transfers for clothing.


When it comes to cutting costs on groceries, make a Meal Plan and cost it out.  If you are going to the supermarket leave your cards at home and take only the amount of cash you need for your groceries, that way you can’t spend anymore than that.  If you shop online, try using a tool like My Supermarket to see which supermarket is cheapest for your grocery shop each week.  Also check online to see if there are discount codes for money off or free delivery to save even more.


We try and make as many gifts as possible, including the card and wrapping.  It saves money and keeps my daughters amused at the same time.  Look out for gifts when they are on offer and also try charity shops for fabric to make gifts from.  Homemade totes, PE bags, dolls and soft toys always go down well for birthdays and Christmas gifts.


Where can we find you online?  I blog at and and my online chocolate brownie shop is here:


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