Profile of a budgeting mum: Kerri Middleton

What’s Your Name? Kerri Middleton

 Kerri Middleton

Any Kids? A daughter who is six and a son who is five


Do you work? (FT/PT) In essence I work pretty much full time hours but in a pretty flexible way where I work 3 days in the office and lots of evenings when the kids are in bed and a bit at weekends.


If so, what do you do? I run a company called K TWO Products, we design, manufacture and sell stationery products to help busy people get organised with their home admin, home/work schedules and keepsake special occasions like babies and wedding.


Why do you work?

There are three reasons why I work:

1)      product design is a passion of mine, it’s what I studied at art school and I love developing products that people genuinely enjoy using and that make a difference to their lives (all be it in a small way!)

2)      to earn enough money to be able to enjoy life and give my family security

3)      to set a good example for my children – to teach them if you work hard, you will reap the rewards and that if you set your mind to something and don’t give in, you can achieve it!


What are your childcare arrangements?

My daughter goes to school and my son to preschool, I also have a great husband who does at lot at home and with the kids while I am working.  I can work very flexible hours; its lots of juggling but it works okay (I have never missed a Nativity Play or Parents Evening!).   I feel lucky to have a very supportive family both in my husband and my own parents (and parents in law) who have always encouraged me.


How do you manage for money?

Usually okay


Do you worry about money?

I worried alot in the early days of the business when I didn’t know where the next order would come from our how I’d fund more production but as we became more established and better controlled the worry has eased.  Worrying doesn’t help but it’s hard not to!  Personally, we plan ahead as much as possible and separate out money for different things at home – if I know a big expense is coming (e.g. Christmas or a holiday) we save for it separately.


What do you waste money on?

Stationery – you can never have enough pens, sticky notes or notepads!  I am an absolute stationery addict!


How do you make extra cash?

When my youngest started using his “big boy bed”, I sold his cot on Gumtree and the buyer even came to pick it up so it was really hassle free.  I also love collecting reward points on my Boots Advantage Card and I buy things on my John Lewis credit card which gets me points and vouchers which I have no problem spending – I’m a real John Lewis fan!


Please share top 3 budgeting tips:

1)      Only buy what you need – keep a magnetic pad on the fridge to keep a list of any food that you need to buy more of, take it to the supermarket and stick to it!

2)      Look out for discount codes – in this downturn, retailers are having to slash their profit margins to get sales, so sign up to newsletters and Facebook or Twitter accounts of retailers you like and you’ll reap the rewards (even if it’s just free delivery).

3)      A small home made gift is often better than an expensive shop bought one – I know I love it when anyone gives me something home made – it’s creative and much more personal and it shows you care enough to put in extra effort yourself.  We have great instructions on our blog on how to make a chocolate bouquet – perfect for giving to the host at a dinner party.



Where can we find you online?






Thank you so much Kerri for this fab profile: We’ll be hearing more form Kerri tomorrow as she share s someof her top organising tips with us.


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