Profile of a Budgeting Mum: Helen Lindop

Hi, what’s your name?

Helen Lindop

Any kids?

A daughter who has just turned 3 years and a son who is 21 months old.

Do you work? FT/PT?

I work part-time on my online business, a website dedicated to helping parents grow businesses around their kids. I’ve co-written a book, Start a Family Friendly Business, and I’ve just launched an e-course Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur.

Why do you work?

I think I’d go nuts if I didn’t! But also because I want to build a solid, reliable income for my family’s future that doesn’t rely on me having a traditional job or being in a specific location. I’ve had jobs in the past that have needed me to do a lot of travelling and I can’t do that as a mum to small children. Plus I’ve wasted a lot of my life sitting on motorways and I don’t want to do it anymore!

What are your child care arrangements?

My daughter has half a day at nursery per week, but that’s to build her confidence ready for pre-school in September. Other than that, I’m with my kids full-time. It means my progress on my business has been slower than I would have liked, but I hope it’ll get easier soon.

How do you manage for money?

I’ll be honest, the last few years it’s been tight. Ideally I would have liked to work a couple of days a week, but childcare is really expensive for two kids under age three. It made more sense to work during evenings and naptimes until at least the eldest got to preschool. But we’ve used most of the tips in ‘How to afford time off with your baby’, so thank you Becky! (your very welcome!)

Do you worry about money?

Yes, because my husband’s job won’t exist in two years’ time and we don’t know what happens after that. But I know we’re in the same position as many other families and that’s one reason why I want to help other parents build an income that doesn’t depend on having a job. The recent recession has shown how risky it is to have all your career eggs in one basket.

What do you waste money on?

These days, nothing!

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids?

We spend less generally. We tend to buy more supermarket brands of everything now, from food to shampoo.

How do you make extra cash?

Instead of making extra cash I’ve been working on setting up income streams that will bring in money long-term.

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. You can usually make the biggest savings on financial products like insurance, credit cards and your mortgage. Shop around or ask your current providers for the best deal they have.

2. Phone your gas and electricity supplier from time to time and check you’re on the cheapest tariff.

3. Collect points at the supermarket (Nectar, Tesco Clubcard) – it really does all add up.

If you’re a mum with a business, check out Helen’s new e-course Earn What You Deserve as a Mumpreneur or her blog Business Plus Baby.

Thank you Helen- excellent tips



  1. May 18, 2011 / 10:45 am

    A brilliant profile Helen, and great tips! It’s amazing you do all you do with both of your lovelies at home 99% of the time 🙂

  2. Becky
    May 18, 2011 / 11:53 am

    She is a wonder!

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