Preparing for the arrival of a baby: the child’s bedroom

Preparing for the arrival of a baby

  Preparing for the arrival of a baby: the child’s bedroom

Preparing for the arrival of a baby – The child’s bedroom

Your baby is on the way, the excitement is palpable! You have made plans, read the books and it is now time to prepare for the baby’s room. The time to furnish your child’s room is one of the most exciting memories of your pregnancy and choosing the right children’s wallpaper is one of the most fun aspects of all. My son arrived just over a year ago, but I remember very well that mixture of excitement and impatience as we prepared to embark in the project.

“Building the nest” is crucial step of the months of wait for the child’s arrival. This is after all the time where your baby’s presence in the house starts to become real! For many people, this moment tends to arrive in the weeks and months before birth and confirms the awareness that the new family member is coming. You are faced with the management of the space in your home and you really start to realize the actual physical requirements that the arrival of your baby will entail. You understand that the baby will have certain needs, a changing table, the right light and a safe, cosy space, with as few edges as possible, rounded furniture. You now realize dangers are lurking everywhere! Once you have tackled the safety of the room it comes the time to start dealing with the decorative part of the job. This is the fun part, because let’s face it, this is when the child hidden in all of us wakes up and starts dreaming and playing with colours and imagination.


Where to start on the child’s bedrrom

While the room is still empty, the first thing we want to make really special are the walls. A newborn will spend a lot of time staring at them after all and we want to inspire his sense of wonder and foster his imagination. Generally, unlike other spaces in the house, in the case of the children’s room the tendency is to dare and experiment with patterns and colours. We are not too afraid to be bold, we don’t fear that we will grow tired of our choice because we know that that room will evolve and grow with the child.

So let’s be bold, look at the world with the eyes of a baby and fill the room with playful items, like toy cars, space ships or ice creams like these very delightful designer kids wallpapers. Our goal is to make this room’s walls as special as possible, because everything can be an important stimulus and source of inspiration for the little one. My baby and I have a ritual that precedes bedtime and it couldn’t be done without our wallpaper.

I take him in my arms, we look around the room saying goodbye to his toys and all the animals on his bedroom’s wallpaper.


He points the animals out and we greet them together, so that he learns their names and he calms down before going to bed. A wallpaper can become a good ally and a friend to greet before going to bed!


How to choose the right wallpaper for your child

Children wallpaper is available with a vast array of motives and designs, so it is easy to find the perfect match to what we imagine for our child. Colours are obviously very important. The choice of colour requires attention and some study. According to several research studies, children up to 3 months of age only see large contrasts as dark figures on a white background, then as the months go by they refine their senses, and begin to perceive more colours. The important thing is to balance the stimuli with elements of fun and relaxation, since their bedroom is often both their playroom as well as their sleeping room. Forests, cities, and seabed are great to foster their imagination, perhaps by choosing just one feature wall, rather than wallpapering all four walls. Large drawings take children to distant places where they can immerse themselves in their fantasy worlds.

Choosing children’s wallpaper also has a deeper meaning. It poses the question: what do we want to convey to the child? Peace and quiet with blue clouds on clear skies or adventurous experiences on space rockets? This is the first step in the exciting and challenging world of educating your child. Choose wisely and begin this magical journey in the right way!


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    never thought of having a kid’s bedroom wallpaper, those look really lovely! thanks for sharing x

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