Preparing a child friendly garden for the summer

Top Tips on Preparing a child friendly garden for the summer

During the summer months, there is nothing better than flinging open your back doors and soaking up the UK sunshine. We know that sunshine and fresh air both contribute to better mental health and wellbeing, and it is the same for our little ones. Our children love to play outside, but many feel we need to cover our garden with toys to keep them entertained. This doesn’t need to be the case. There are many cheap and accessible options for you to help make your garden a summer haven for your little ones, and here’s how.



Encourage green fingers

Encouraging your children to get involved with gardening is a great way to keep them entertained and teach them the value of nature. You could create a small patch for growing vegetables, fruit or even flowers. This way you not only create a bonding activity, but you offer your child some responsibility that they will thrive on. You could even take this one step further and use the produce you grow to cook. Once they eat the food they have grown, they will feel immense pride and satisfaction.


Tend to the garden 

You can get your children involved with garden maintenance. It is easy to let our gardens become overgrown and uncared. Soon the plants and the grass merge into one, creating a messy and unappealing sight. Why not turn garden maintenance into a fun activity for the family, getting them to help you create an area just for them. Grab your strimmer and create a neat space in your garden. This space is then ready to be utilised by your children. They can put toys in it, plant flowers or build a den – the opportunities are endless.


Preparing a child friendly garden for the summer

Create Zones

Naturally, children and adults have significantly different requirements for the perfect garden. However, none of these requirements needs to be compromised. By creating zones in your garden, you can make space for relaxing by adding chairs, a table or even a hot tub. Whilst in the children’s section you can allocate different areas for games, toys or learning. This way your children will learn how to respect boundaries and take responsibility for their zone. Having your children’s toys in a specific section of the garden allows you to take care of your adult area without any disruption.


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