Personalised Father’s Day Gifts – Unusual & Awesome

Do you do personalised father’s day gifts? It’s time to think outside the box and consider some truly unique and lovely gifts for this special day.

Perhaps you go really traditional with your gifts – a box of chocs, a pair of socks, a new tie, a book perhaps?

This year why not go for something really personal,  pretty awesome and unusual instead?


Personalised Father's Day Gifts


Father’s Day (or Fathers’ Day) is a day of honouring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society according to Wikipedia

yet sadly it is often overshadowed by Mother’s Day.  It is time to give it the attention it deserves


Personalised father’s day gifts

Here you go  – I have 5  interesting ideas for father’s day that will rock dad’s world and remind him just how special you think he is. You know he deserves it.


A star chart

How about getting dad a chart of the stars and how they were configured on the day he was born. This would not only make a beautiful photo it would show him you think he is a complete star and it would, of course, be a totally personalised father’ day gift

Perhaps ou cold have this framed for him too?


A pet portrait

A digital Pet Portrait from Vector Pets would be an amazing gift for a father this father’s day. Dad’s will love to have a picture of their pet to hang in their home or office. It is ridiculously inexpensive too – vectorpets can draw your pet from just £7.90! Now that is a real treat at a great price.


vector pets


pet portrait


You can choose between digital or cartoon style images and they even do an extra fast 24-hour delivery if you have left your gift to the last minute.  What a lovely and unusual Father’s day gift idea for a pet lover.


A crafty gift

Or how about a craft gift handmade by you? A handmade gift could be a clay pot, a bunch of flowers you have arranged, a poem beautifully written out, a knitted scarf. Something you have created yourself with thought and time and love will be an entirely personalised father’s day present and it will go down an absolute treat.


For the foodie dad

How about a homemade chocolate cake or a plate of scones, mini macarons or some pickled onions or even some homemade jam. If you are feeling generous and time is on your side you could bake up all dads most favourite treats and pop them into a wicker basket. This would create a hamper of favourites and what dad wouldn’t love that?


A photo album

So many of us keep photos on our phones these days and they never see the light of day. Why not give dad a real treat and print off a batch of photos from the last year and put them in an album for him so he has lots of lovely memories to reflect on. Such a lovely keepsake and really full of love and joy and thought.


personalised father's day gifts

Final thoughts on personalised father’s day gifts

Personalised father’s day gifts don’t take a huge amount of effort they just take a dash of thought and creativity but they really do show how very much you care and make a wonderful alternative to the more traditional of father’s day gifts.



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