Personalised Blankets for Kids of All Ages

I do love personalised blankets and love to gift them.

Have you heard of ? What they do is personalise any product you can possibly imagine! They  have so many available items but it is their array of fleece blankets that I like the best. You can customise with your own photos and designs or adapt theirs and they are delightful

It is the blankets I want to show you today because I think they make the most adorable gift ideas for just about everyone!

Personalised Blankets can come in many different forms and they are just darling gifts to be used and gifts to be treasured.

I am so excited to show you couple of my favorite examples from Wanapix.  I just had to start with the baby blankets.


Personalised blankets for Baby

Baby blankets make a practical and sweet gift for a newborn and it is the kind of gift that babies really attach too and in some cases keep for years and years. It is a gift you want to get right.

These baby blankest can have a name and date of birth embroidered on  in gold and they come with this super cute teddy bear which has velcro paws so it can hug the blanket. They are made from cosy fleece and are soft and resilient.

The embroidered name makes them hard to lose too and adds a really nice individualised touch.

I would have loved to have been bought one of these for my little ones.



Personalised Blankets


Personalised blanket poncho

Older kids are going crazy for blanket ponchos at the moment – my own daughter is never out of hers. They are super cosy and toasty too.

These personalised blanket ponchos would make a lovely present for a child’s birthday or Christmas and they come in a range of styles including sloths, rainbows, unicorns and even sleepy pigs.

I think you will be rather delighted to know you can also get a personalised blanket poncho for the adult in your life too (or even for yourself.)


Personalised Blankets

Personalised fleece blankets

I think a personalised fleece blanket for an older child also makes a lovely gift, especially if they are going away from home for the first time, perhaps on girl guide camp or a sleepover at a friends.

It would mean they bring a little bit of home with them which would help them to feel both safe and secure. There is not much nicer than a well loved fleecy blanket that smells of home to cuddle into if you are a little homesick.


Personalised Blankets


Personalised Travel Blanket

Aren’t these travel blankets just super practical – easy to carry and with the child’s name on no more missing blankets either. A personalised travel blanket is a smart solution and a sweet gift.




A photo blanket

Whilst fab for tweens, I think a teenager would rather love a personalised blanket too, especially one covered in a selection of meaningful photos.  This would be so much fun for them to take off  with them to uni and remind them of family and friends. It would also make a cool, thoughtful and quirky 18th gift that would feel really personal.



I do hope you have enjoyed this whistle stop tour of personalised blankets. Aren’t they just fab?

Which one is your favourite?


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