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I was invited this week to try out a a ParkLives session of my choice with my daughter in Nottingham.

I have to be honest I had no clue what ParkLives session was so I hopped over to the ParkLives website to have a look. I have to say it really pleased my thrifty heart!

ParkLives is an initiative in Birmingham, Newcastle, London  Glasgow, Nottingham and Manchester. It began last year and is such a great initiative.

The aim of ParkLives is to help bring people together to enjoy using their local parks a bit more. They provide free activities in local parks and green spaces. From yoga to netball, Tai Chi to lovely walks, football, Frisbee and more. There really is something for everyone and best of all…it’s local and FREE!

We joined a walking session at Victoria Embankment which runs from Trent Bridge near where we live.  We booked very simply online and turned up at the appointed time. There was a mix of older people, a couple of families a dog or two and us. Probably 15 people in all and 5 leaders.



The leaders were friendly and welcoming and happy to answer my questions.  |They told me most of the walkers were pretty much regulars and friendships had sprung up in the group.  they were very happy to have anyone join them and said the usual numbers were between 15 and 20.



Annalise and I took a long walk along the river ambling in the midst of the group along taking a good look around. We had such a lovely walk and chatted away, it’s the longest we have talked to each other in ages. Walking does that – it gives you space to notice the world around you and to really spend time together.

We saw all sorts of wonderful things along the river bank.


We saw geese  and ducks, beautiful flowers, interesting bridges,  kayaks  and cyclists. The sky was grey but we felt our spirits lift and the long walk did us btih the world of good. We will definately be goign for nore walks i future!


I fancy trying Tai Chi with my kids next . This is a great scheme for bringing families together, for trying new things and making the most of our natural spaces.

Why don’t you have a look and see what’s on near you. It won’t cost you a penny.

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