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Have you heard of Education Quizzes?

It is a fabulous resource and one I use regularly to support our daughter’s learning at school. It is full of quizzes, based on the national curriculum, to test out her understanding and help her develop her knowledge. Wrong answers come with explanations and every subject is covered as well as every year group. There is a small monthly fee to access a myriad of brilliant resources and quizzes.

I really do recommend it to everyone.

Parents 999

As part of the process of helping kids do better at school, Education Quizzes have additionally developed a series of articles for parents called the Parents 999.  It is so called because each article has 999 words and also because it is meant to be an emergency resource for parents who suddenly find that they have a problem to solve in relation to their school-age children.

I can think of many an occasion where that would come in useful!

Each article is accompanied by a parent quiz that aspires to help parents to understand the subject and at the same time point them in the direction of further resources.

The Parents 999 quizzes are completely free and eventually, there will be 80 articles. They cover everything from emotional resilience to exam prep, homework hints to learning styles. I picked 2 I was most interested into take a look at. I began with Emotional resilience as I think this is just so important.

Emotional resilience

The quiz starts with lots of useful information and links to articles around the subject of emotional resilience It was really well written and useful.

The quiz that followed made me think about what I had read. Questions like this one were a really helpful way of affirming my learning. Some of the questions were about percentages and numbers and I found these to be not so useful as actually they were just testing my memory for figures and I wasn’t too concerned about that.

I scored a fine 8/10 and found it an interesting experience.

The next Parent power quiz I looked at was to do with school holiday activities a lighter subject but still really interesting and informative. I just love that when I got a question right it told me why and when I got one wrong it also told me why. In this quiz, I got 9/10. I am all for the holidays!


I have to say I have really enjoyed the 2 parents 999 articles I read and the quizzes the articles made me think and the quizzes reinforced my learning.  I’ll definably pop back to experience more! A brilliant resource to parents and some great articles already. One to bookmark.

Take a look and do pop back and let me know what you think.

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