Organising Tips from an Organiser Designer

Thanks to Kerri Middleton for this useful guest post

I am a working mum of two so I know how crucial it is to be organised.  Here are my suggestions for organising your life without spending a fortune.

Organising in the home:

In terms of day-to-day organising, invest in a good family calendar.  A family calendar which has a column for everybody plus a space for extra things like birthdays which you need to remember is ideal.  My calendar also has pockets for every month where I put bills, school letters and party invitations so I don’t forget to deal with them and when you need to grab them in a hurry you know where to look!


To get the best deal, buy early.  Calendar companies will probably launch their calendars in July or August and will offer savings to entice people to buy.  Sign up to calendar company newsletters or Facebook or Twitter groups to be the first to know of any discounts.  If you’ve not got a family calendar this year, consider getting a School Year Calendar which works in the same way but runs from August to August.


And if you find one you love, tell your friends, or better still buy them one! The chances are they are as busy as you and would benefit from the things you love about it too!  The number of people who comment on my K TWO one on my kitchen door is amazing, I think it’s the pocket feature which sets it apart – it genuinely is a life saver!


Organising outside the home

Apart from the usual pack of tissues, an umberella (I do live in Scotland afterall!), and spare clothes, these are the other things I never leave the house without:


1.       Emergency snacks – preferably something exciting (so it can be used to distract from tantrums or boredom) but healthy (so you don’t get crazy blue smarties children running about!).  I find those little packets of fruit flakes, cereal bars or boxes of raisins the best, they survive in the bottom of your bag and I stock up when I see them on offer.

2.       First aid kit – when my children were younger, teething gel was a must!  Now they’re a bit older, it’s plasters to mend those bumps and scrapes.  Paracetamol suspension in little sachets is also a good idea for longer trips. 

3.       In the summer I also carry a sting pen in my first aid kit as well as a mini sun cream (young skin is very sensitive!) and in winter I exchange it for moisturiser (to prevent skin chapping in the cold). I even use it myself sometimes!

4.       I hide a few of my children’s toys (just little ones – usually a little car or figure) so they forget about them.  I pop them in my handbag and bring it out the next time we’re in a restaurant or on a long journey and it keeps them amused for longer because it feels like a new toy.

5.       A packet of wipes are essential.  I don’t know how, but my two always manage to fall in the mud but a quick wipe cleans them up enough to last until bath time.  But don’t buy those little packets of handwipes – they are a lot more expensive, just look for travel baby wipes which are much better value for money.


With some organisation, it is amazing how much less time you’ll spend running around like a headless chicken, leaving you with more time to spend playing and having fun with the children!


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