Need a last minute Christmas card and want to support the Woodland Trust?

Tesco Greener Living has teamed up with The Woodland Trust once again this Christmas to supply you with this Air Guitar Panda Christmas eCard  to personalise and send to anyone who could do with a chuckle. Tesco will donate 10p to the Woodland Trust for the first 50,000 eCards sent from their site, hoping to raise a whopping £5,000.

Last Christmas over 76,000 people helped raise more than £3,800 for the Woodland Trust doing this allowing them to plant around 225 trees in 2010!

Not only is it easy and free for you to send this eCard to as many people as you know, but with an estimated 1billion Christmas cards sent this year, every little helps to reduce those ending up in landfills due to incorrect recycling.

Information on The Woodland Trust
*Established in 1972, The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity dedicated solely to the protection of our native woodland heritage.
*The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with only 4% native woodland cover. Acquiring more than 1,000 woodland sites covering over 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) in the past 30 years, the Woodland Trust is the first major landowner in the UK to have all its woods certified under the Forest Stewardship Council’s UK Standard of Sustainable Forestry


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