My month long Oral-B challenge

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 Yesterday I received my Oral-B ‘Britain’s Brush Box’ which includes the Oral-B PC500 Toothbrush, Union Jack Washbag, Best of British Trivia Game and some blue hand towels.  I am about to biegin my Oral-B month long challenge.  I had a hygenist appointment yesterday and I told her I had been asked to use tohe Oral-B PC 500 for a month and she said it would make a HUGE difference to my plaque build up. I hope shes right, at £35 a time I could do with avoiding the need for the hygenists.

Oral-B ambassador and dentist Dr. James Russell believes that after a month of using this toothbrush I should really feel that my teeth are cleaner and see that they are whiter than they were before.  The Oral-B Professional Care 500 has been proven to be highly efficient in plaque and stain removal.

Top oral tips I am going to follow during the month

FLOSS: I must floss once a day

BRUSH: Twice a day for 2 minutes. My Oral-B Professional Care 500’s timer will keep me on track.

CURB SNACKING: I have to keep mysnacks to foods like cheese, raw vegetables, nuts and breadsticks which are all better for teeth.

AVOID: Fizzy drinks. Not only are these drinks often high in sugars but they are very acidic too. These acids can quickly erode tooth enamel. I love fizzy drinks though!

Okay  I have my instructions and I am going to give it my very best shot. I will check back in with the results on Thursday 26 April. See you then!

Investing in an Oral-B powerbrush could cut down on costly dental bills so from a budgeting persepective this is an interesting challenge

Betweemn March and My this brush is avaible for the special half price offer of £22.50!


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