My Mighty Son….

My Mighty Son

We are taking part in  a Persil campaign which is all about being small and mighty.

Persil have a new bottle, formula and stain removing ball for their small and mighty liquid and it is rather fab. It has a flip top opener which is really easy to use and mess free.  It also has this amazing multifunctional Stain Eraser Ball.It allows you to measure out  the  exact dose you need and it also lets you pre-treat tough stains directly using the Stain Eraser Ball’s dimpled surface. the formula has also been improved and now its extra tough on grass stains, oily stains and red stains such as tomato and blackcurrant.

So it should be a big help after a night spent camping !

The campaign itself is about encouraging kids to be ‘mighty’ – being  brave and how it’s healthy to give kids a bit of freedom to do stuff for themselves. I am not so great at this so this was definitely a challenge for me too!

Persil  sent my son  which  included a pop up tent, a sleeping bag, a torch, a plastic drinking bottle, a whistle to encourage him to be mighty.  I explained to him he could camp in his room downstairs alone. outside with one of us in a tent next to hiom or outside in a tent alone.

My MIGHTY minded son grabbed the challenge with both hands and declared he would sleep outside alone.

He had so much fun learning to peg his pop up tent, blowing up his airbed and of course packing up a load of treats to ‘keep him going’.  We waited for a dry night (we thought) and out he went.

His little sister was allowed to camp with him till her bedtime (his rules ) then he was going to go for it all lone.

I am pretty over protective as mums go for many reasons (my mum was. difficulties at birth etc. ) so I was not finding any of this easy. He looked a little anxious too but resolute.

After toasted teacakes and hot choc for supper Frankie took hi book and his torch and went off to his tent to read. he popped hi head in about 10 to say he was going to sleep.

I checked him every 20 minutes and daddy slept in the conservatory but not a peep to  of him all night even when it topped it down with rain!

At 6.30 a.m Frankie jumped on my bed absolutely beaming ‘I did it’ he shouted.

My mighty son.

Delighted with himself. Rightly so. And a lesson learned for me…he can do it!   Thanks Persil and Netmums I think this challenge has done us a lot of good.


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  1. July 30, 2013 / 10:43 am

    Awww, that is wonderful! Well done Frankie, and you. xxx
    Emma recently posted..More fun in the forestMy Profile

  2. July 30, 2013 / 10:03 pm

    I was beaming when I reached the end too, what a lovely achievement for him! E is at cub camp first time without us (Dad’s a scout leader so usually there) I feel physically sick if I think too long on him alone without me but I think it’s an amazing experience for him. So hard letting them grow 🙁 xx
    Emily recently posted..Cute and #Funee…My Profile

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