Moving Costs and How to reduce them

Moving costs can really pile up and may not be something you have factored in. The eye watering cost of upgrading your home may have took your eye off the ball when it comes to moving costs and they can end up a pretty nasty shock. let’s take a look here at some of the things you will need to consider if you want to keep on track with your budget.

Moving home is super stressful and it can be tempting not to worry too much about the costs involved and juts get on with it instead. However wouldn’t it be great to have some spare cash for those odd jobs and new furnishings your new home needs rather than spending it unnecessarily during  house move?

I have a great guide to managing your budget in regard to moving costs that will really help you keep costs down as you plan your move.



How to manage the mounting costs of moving

So how much money do you have?

I know sitting down and working out budgets can be a little dull but oh they put you in such a better place.

No one wants to be totally skint as they move into their new home so this budget check pre-moving is a really beneficial exercise. How much can you afford when it comes to the move itself.  Can you afford a mansion with a double garage and a pool, are you moving overseas? What about mortgage payments? Do you have plenty spare to pay packers and have tea delivered too? Or will you be asking friends to help? Figuring out your budget will really help your decision making process every step of the way. It is so worth taking the time to do this.

Once you have your budget nicely worked out – your new home purchased and your old home sold and a clear budget left to actually move it is time to get down to the nitty gritty.


What is involved in  moving costs

Here are some of the costs you need to consider when looking at moving costs – are you ready, there are quite a few!


Professional removals vs your mates

Obviously your mates are probably not going to charge you anything to help you movehome but believe me when I sya this is a bad idea. They wont have insyurance, the right vehcles, the experience or expertise and they could well fudge the job.

It’s better to hire a professional removals company.  You will get an unquestionably better service. So what will this cost

Well you could be looking at around £545 for a removals service, (according to an article quoting figures from Rightmove on the website of the consumer organisation Which?) Not a fortune to make sure your possessions arrive on time and in tact is it?

I think this is one cost you really do want o be budgeting for.


How to manage the mounting costs of moving

Declutter first to keep moving costs down

The less you have to actually move form one house to the other the lass it will actually cost you. So now is most definitely time to have a good old clear out not only will it keep moving costs down but it will also mean you move on to your new home with only the very loveliest of possessions not the junk!



Your home and contents insurance might actually cover your for removals but do your investigating and see where you stand and what is covered. This might seem irrelevant but if osmethiing was to go wrong understanding what is and isn’t covered will really matter – so do your homework!


Forward your mail

Do you really want to pay to forward your mail? Well you could try relying on the new occupant of you old home to do it but if they don’t you oculd be in a bit of a pickle.

Setting up mail redirection with Royal Mail is really easy to do and prices , start at £33.99. Again, you might feel tempted to cut out this cost, but it could see you become a victim of identity fraud if you do.

Moving Costs & Unexpected expenses

And you know you always have to budget for the unexpected!

These moving costs unexpected expenses might include pet or childcare? To get an idea of costs, a registered childminder will charge around £118 or more for 25 hours of their time. Pet sitting is relatively cheap and can cost around £20 to £30 per day. Why not ask a trusted pal instead so much nicer for your kids and pets  and so much cheaper too.


How to manage the mounting costs of moving

Moving costs do need your thought and attention – my advice would be don’t skimp on what matters and really focus in on your finances.


Moving costs and how to reduce them  is a feature post 


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