Mould and Paint Glitter Eggs

We had lots of fun with this Mould & Paint Glitter Eggs craft set.  It comes with 1 mould with 6 designs, a paint strip, 6 magnets, 2 pins, 1 paint brush, fine quality plaster, glitter and detailed instructions.

Frist we made and moulded the plaster which was so easy (and nice and sticky.)

After we poured into the egg moulds and left it to dry (waiting seems SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long when youare 4!)

Once set the eggs were painted (paints are included ) and then turned into fridge magnets (magnets also included ) or hung with ribbon.  The children found them easy to paint because they come out in halves so they can be laid flat. They look great when completed and would make  a lovely Easter gift for a doting relative. These could alos be kept and maybe hung for a silver sprayed twig to look like an egg tree!

This a is a fun craft idea for Easter!

You can purchase this kit for £6.98  from


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