Marvellous Make do and mending

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I was never very marvellous at make do and mending.

Prior to having children I was a bit of a ‘disposable ‘person. Mark on my trousers? I’d chuck them out. Lettuce past its best before date – out it would be thrown too. Carpet looking grim- trade it in. Hole in my skirt – straight to the charity shop.

Money was plenty (well in comparison to post baby!) and I was not very ‘green’ or ‘long term’ in my thinking at all. I rushed through life buying and throwing then buying again and throwing in an endless circle of consumerism. Last night as I sewed up the same hole in my son’s school trousers for about the tenth time (I am a RUBBISH sewer) I thought about why I had been so reluctant to mend things?

In my mind mending was a sign of being poor or tight with money. It was something old people did. It was something people HAD to do. I suppose I didn’t want to be associated with any of that.  How silly and how careless I was.

Now I take an absolute pride in being able to fix things. I love to ‘Vanish’ the stains out of my carpets, make my clothes pristine white again and get rid of a small tear so a favourite shirt can be reworn. It makes sense for both the environment and our pocket and it feels good too.

make do and mend

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Sadly, when I was at school, we were taught very few homemaking skills (as a child of the 70’s I was taught to trail blaze and have a career. Funnily enough what I have loved most in my ‘career’ is my home and family-making time!) Consequently sewing lessons have had to come from my aunt and stain removal tips from Great Grandma who is very savvy about these things and makes things last years. It has been a revelation to me that stains can be removed, tears fixed, wood nailed back and toys glued. I champion make do and mend these days wherever and whenever I can.

In fact I think it should be a curriculum subject all of its own in schools these days to help our children avoid debt in the future.

Do you make do and mend? Have your views toward it changed since having kids?


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