Manage your Finances Better with Money Dashboard

Do you get in a bit of a mess with your money?  Do you have various accounts that you struggle to keep track of?

Have you heard of Money Dashboard?

Money Dashboard is a a free service that puts you  in control of  your  finances by giving you a “true view” of spending across their different financial accounts.

The app automatically pulls your latest latest transaction information and tags it according to category before presenting it in easily digestible ways such as graphs and charts. By seeing a visual display of all your incomings and outgoings, you’ll know what direction your finances are taking month by month.

The app is web based and they  have recently released iOS and Android apps to help consumers manage their finances on the go.  Basically they do all the hard work for you cross referencing, analysing  and calculating.

(By the way no need to worry about security they have bank level security and they are a read only service so money can’t be moved around)

Money Dashboard gives you the true view of your finances by showing exactly where your money goes across all your online financial accounts.O n most accounts, transactions and balances are refreshed daily, so you’re up to date with your current financial position at a glance. I

By holding all your different account details in one place it can save you a great deal of time. It can also let you know day to day exactly where you stand financially and how much money you have left till payday.

I love the fact it can analyse your financial data for you and categorize your spending so you can really see what you are doing with your money and any changes you need to make in your spending habits. It is like having your own data analyst examining your money habits.

What a brilliant idea.

The best bit of all is it doesn’t cost you a penny to use as this the app is free. Now that a good step in a money saving direction.

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