Making money online with your creativity

Today I am going to explore 3 ways you can make money online with your creativity. The internet is amazing ( I know it comes with a wealth of issues) but in business terms, it opens up a huge wealth of opportunities to earn money.

Designing & Dropshipping

With   you can create custom baby bibs t-shirts bodysuits – in fact, a whole manner of items and even sell them online. With Printful you can start your own business and become your own boss with low risk and without investing money in expensive printing equipment, storage, or inventory. Isn’t that brilliant?

All you would do is connect your own online store/website and use their online mockup generator to create high-quality images of products with your designs.  Then they are printed and shipped on demand. The effort for you is minimal and yet you are putting your creativity and own stamp onto good quality products that you can sell immediately!

What a fun way to make money! It is cost-free and there is no minimum order or anything like that. You really can get started straight away.


Making money online with your creativity

Artisan selling

Perhaps though your forte is in making things? Etsy is a great place to sell your own creations online. From sculpture to friendship bracelets, knitting to necklaces.  Homemade items galore are found in the stores on Etsy. And, if you are the crafty type this is such a lovely way to sell your wares.

I love to make jewellery and often think this would be a really nice outlet for me. If you have an artistic hobby you would like to develop  this may be a really good way to make some extra cash too,  have a look here for crafts you could make to sell

Handmade Amazon also allows you to sell items you have made and is well worth exploring.  Do check out their handmade marketplace. I have wrtten about how it works here if you would like to read more about this


Selling your creative services

Another way to make money online from your creativity is to sell your services as a designer.  Websites everywhere are looking for people to design logos and headers, Pinterest pins and even websites themselves. If your creativity is at all techy then do put yourself out there and offer up your services. Facebook is always a great place to spread the word. Alternately sites like people per hour enable you to offer up your design services and find an audience

.YOu might also be interested to read my post on how to make money writing


It is absolutely possible to work from home and yet have an outlet for your creativity that enables you to earn money too. A lot of this work can be done at any time of the day too so it works really well for those of you who have young children and want to be home with them and present.



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