So touched to be voted a finalist in the MAD awards

Baby Budgeting has been voted a finalist in the MAD blog awards for best post and best small business blog. I am ever so chuffed.

Best small business blog:

My business is simply writing about budgeting, making and saving money and ways to have loads of fun and be really creative whilst your kids are young and your funds are low.  I am currently working on my summer ebook but if you take a look in My Books you’ll see what I’ve been up too over the last year or two.

My blog supports my businees as it is where I showcase and share lots of ideas from my books. It is also part of my business. I write copy and do sponsored posts and editorials as well, and these are all geared towards supporting parents on a redued income. My blog is also a place where I can review good value products and share thoughts, ideas and guest posts all about budgeting with under 5’s. I gave up work when my son was born so tiny and e have nmanged on a very low income since then. I write from my experiences and from all I have learned along the way.

 I love writing  my blog, I love  it’s diversity, the wealth of wonderful guest posters who have shared their budgeting wisdom. I love the many mums who have profiled on it and I love all the ideas for money making that are shared and tested out here. It is a vital part of my business and I am  really pleased it is useful to people. Luckily I get up REALLY early so I get  to be with my kids most of each day too. Blogging to support my business is perfect it can be done on a park bench or even  at 5.30 a.m.  I feel so blessed to have found a way to earn a little money and be with the kids. Thank goodness for blogging! Please do vote for us in the finals by pressing on the picture -then go check out my competitiors they are all amazing!)

Best Blog Post: (I’ll make this shorter, I promise)

Every Sunday I write about something that inspires me and share it on my blog under the category Sunday Inspiration. The post that has made the finals was from here and I am very touched about this. The post is about my mum telling me stories to inspire me to be my very best. Throughout my childhood  she told me about real heroes like her amazing granny and Rosa Parks. This massively impacted me and how  I storytell to my kids and what I teach them. I am  pleased other people will be reading my mums wisdom. Please vote for this post orplease just have a read. It’s called My Mum was the Best Storyteller   You can vote for it under best blog post by hitting the finalist picture above.

Thanks everyone.



  1. May 18, 2011 / 2:48 pm

    Congrats Becky! Fingers crossed you win both!

  2. Becky
    May 18, 2011 / 2:51 pm

    Thank you Ruth x

  3. May 18, 2011 / 3:17 pm

    This is a great blog Becky and a great concept – I voted for you! Time spent with your kids is worth budgetting for! We did it through home schooling ours so budgetting was essential, and absolutely worth every moment! Very best wishes and good luck, Ross

  4. Becky
    May 18, 2011 / 11:27 pm

    Thank you Ross

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