Limiting Your Kitchen Time

The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the house. It is where planning, cooking, and washing takes place. However, we tend to find ourselves tied to this room due to the amount of care it requires.

We need to keep it clean, spacious, and organised to provide for the rest of the house. What could be done to make our time freer from the kitchen?



Replace Tables for an Island

The kitchen table can be a bulky large item that makes your kitchen hard to navigate, especially when the family gathers for breakfast.

Today there are more opportunities to make the kitchen more accessible by replacing these tables with an island in the kitchen. Not only does it offer more storage space underneath, but it also provides stools instead of winder chairs so that everyone can eat breakfast without manoeuvring around each other.

Incredibly popular in modern pro German kitchens, breakfast bars and kitchen islands offer much more room when it comes to preparation of food, especially during those nights entertaining or Christmas dinners


Vinyl Flooring

Cleaning takes up a huge amount of time, so having some help from a product in keeping it cleaner is a huge plus.

For this we recommend luxury wood effect vinyl flooring which is easy to install and easier to maintain. With multi protective technologies at play, vinyl flooring provides stain and water resistance for those incidents in the cooking process where sauces and liquids spill, and its anti-slip properties also provide safety when rushing around the kitchen.

No longer a flimsy product as it was when first manufactured, vinyl is a high recommendation from interior designers due to its practicality. It will reduce your cleaning time to a simple mop and sweep.

High Level Storage

Low level storage puts an incredible strain on our backs and knees over time, which is why more and more people focus on putting their food and crockery up high.

Not only is this easier on posture but also on access to foods whilst cooking and putting away plates after washed in the dishwasher or sink. With many lower-level storages becoming a place to simply stash away anything that hardly gets used or is simply forgotten about, keeping everything neat and tidy up above takes more precedence as it is eye level and feels more urgent to keep in order.

These three simple changes have a huge effect on simplicity in the kitchen making it easier to operate and maintain. From lowest price Amtico flooring and Amtico Spacia to beautifully designed storage solutions, there is every bit of opportunity to free up your care and attention and breathe a little into each other room you wish to spend time in.


Limiting Your Kitchen Time


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