Leapfrog Tag Reading System: Madagascar 2 Air Penguin

Well it is week 3 of our Leapfrog tag reading challenge and this one was lots of fun. Annalise had seen the film so was much more engaged with this story though still bedazzled by the sound effects and ganes which was just too interesting!  We had a truly lovely 1/2 hour  playing games, looking at letters and reading the story of the penguins and monkeys working as a team and fixing the plane; one of the top scenes of the film.

£6.49 available form the Leapfrog Store.

What I love most about this Tag system is that I know it will grow with my daughter as she gets beyond recognising just letters she really will be reading the words and using her tag on ones she stumbles over. I also love (and she does) that we spend much more time together reading these books than regular books and it is really close sit on the knee and cuddle time too.

Great stuff. Be back next week for our final book review!

Leapfrog provided us with the tag and a selection of books for the purpose of this review


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