Kids can have a Very stylish winter (on a budget)

Party season is approaching!

Baby clothing  is always so tempting at the best of times. Once you stat picking up those little tights and rara skirts, waistcoats and caps the basket just fill don’t they! Of course we want our kids to look fabulous but we do need to watch those pennies. Here are a  few babybudgeting shopping tips for the party season.

  • Hve a special outfit and deems lots of days special enogh to wear it (but never eat spaghetti on those day.)
  • Think multi styling to see if you are getting a good value buy. A classic shirt can be worn with ripped jeans or smart trousers and still look fab, A waistcoat can look cool over a long sleeved T.  A fiurry coat can go with a party dress or boots and jeggings.
  • Secomd hand is always an option (think NCT, eBAY, charity shops in posh areas) but shopping around is good too.
  • Think about shopping online…less likely to just  throw it in your basket as more stages to pay and you are probablymore focussed,

This stunning Ladybird Faux Fur coat (age2-8) is j £20.

This Ladybird 2 pc  is £14 suitable ages 2-8

I tink the above two classics from are gorgeous. They have stunning baby and kids clothes. They sell character clothing, designer brands, ladybird and Disney. Gorgeous stuff well worth a look and good value as all Very clothes are.

Have a lovely party season!


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