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My son is 10 and loves computers and had been doing some coding at school using Scratch., He also loves Lego and building things and even goes to an after school Lego club. So when I was asked if he would like to review Kano –  a build your own computer kit I thought he would definitely like to have a go.


Make games, learn code, create the future.


So what is Kano?

Basically it is a kit to put together your own computer. Frankie’s feedback was that the instructions given to do this were REALLY CLEAR. he did not need to ask us for any help at all and he found it all straightforward and hugely satisfying that he did this by himself.

Raspberry Pi

Simple to understand and follow guide books

a DIY speaker

a wireless keyboard


It’s an attractive looking intuitive piece of kit. easy to assembles you just need a screen to attach it to and off you go.

Kids can pick out and download hundreds of games and apps available to learn how to code: from coding Minecraft to exploring mysteries that can be can solved with code. Yes you guessed it he chose Minecraft first and teleported around it (he coded it so he could do this apparently!)

I love that basically my son is getting a lesson in technology whilst it just feels like fun! That has to be the best use of ‘screen time’ that there can be.

Homework that feels like play? Absolutely a great idea!

It allows children to be in control of  technology and to envision their own programs and apps thus encouraging both their independence and their creativity.

There are  extensive parent blocks on internet usage which allow for a safe experience so parental supervision really is at a minimum. I think this is so great for a child’s sense of independence and self esteem.

So far Frankie has used Pong, Minecraft and Scratch on the Kano. He tells me on Pong he made it so when you scored a giant snake came out and eat your opponent.

Okay then!

Kano costs £99.99 and gets a huge thumbs up from us.

kno frankie


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