iPad: A mummy blogger’s review.

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As a mummy blogger I feel I should know all about iPads. I’ve seen them on the telly looking very cool and a bit magical with all the slick hand movements but thats about as close as I have ever got to an iPad, When those lovely people at three mobile asked if I would like to borrow one to review, I was delighted to.

Technology isn’t really my thing. I have a little netbook and a pc but my mobile doesn’t even go online and my hubby is a tech expert and sorts out almost everything for me.

iPad review

The  iPad is pretty straightforward though. Immdiatley online due to the nifty little three mobile sim card included and access to all you could want. Oh it feels so lovely. It is light, flexible and intuitive really. I found it an absolute delight to use.I loved the way I could be online anywhere, that a big keyboard sprang up on screen when I needed it. I loved that I could flick my fingers and make the page bigger or smaller, focus in or out, shift it to the left or right! Great stuff.

I downloaded twitter, checked my mail, looked at my blog (the whole page for once!) easily I checked out the bookstore and browsed the films.. I have to say if I could afford it I would definately purchase one. How great to just slip in your bag and when you have a spare few minutes be able to access so much.

Here are some of it’s features

Safari  You can view whole web pages in landscape or portrait on the large Multi-Touch screen

Mail    With a split-screen viewand large onscreen keyboard, iPad lets you see and touch your email

Photos  iPad makes viewing and sharing photos extraordinary. Open albums with a top,

flip through pictures or play a slideshow.

Video  The high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS display is perfect for watching HD films,

TV programs, podcasts and more.

App Store Tap into the App Store to discover thousands of amazing apps made just for iPad,

in every possible category.

iBooks   Reading is a joy on iPad.Text looks crisp andbright. Pages turn with aflick and you

can buy new books from the iBook store.

Pretty great features hey! I will miss it! I’m not going to go into all the differnt packags and ways you can pay because basically its a bit boring to have to type them all up –  basically there are lots of options but three mobile start their packages from £20 a month.  Three have been voted the No.1 network for Mobile Broadband in the latest study by YouGov -best for internet speed, reliability and value so it is well worth checking them out.
Now I will just have to learn to use an iphone and an ipod and I’ll be ‘with it.’


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