How To: Save Money While Using Your Hot Tub

There are several ways that you can reduce the costs for running your hot tub. When the temperatures are cold, having your own personal hot tub is a sound and very wise investment. However, maintaining a tub with a temperature of about 400C during the cold months can prove to be quite expensive. This is in regards to both in terms of energy and money.


Save Money While Using Your Hot Tub


However, there are several ways you can reduce those costs. You have to do a lot of research on the essential information such as the hot tubs for sale. On average, the price for an entry-level hot tub is about $2000-$6000 depending on the size, design and the materials that are used to make the hot tub of your choice. With regards to hot tub maintenance, you are required to know three essential things; how to maintain good water circulation, how to stick to a simple but effective cleaning schedule and how to balance the water chemistry inside the hot tub. Essentially, you need about $20/month to be able to maintain your hot tub. This is cost effective.


Seven Ways to Save Costs While Using Your Hot Tub

1.   Turn the Temperature Down

Holding temperatures of about 380C-400C so that it can be ready to use whenever you want can consume a lot of energy and cost you more money in the long run. This can be reversed by turning the temperature a few degrees down. Each degree down saves you about 10% on energy bills.


Save Money While Using Your Hot Tub

2.   Track Your Electricity Tariff

Your hot tub runs 24/7 off an electrical supply.  It is important to ensure that you are in the best possible tariff deal both for standing and unit charges. You can switch to a lower one if you are on a high one. If you do not make the switch, you will end up wasting a lot of energy and money which is the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve by reading this article.

3.   Check the Condition of Your Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover may be costing you a lot of money if it is heavy and water laden or if it lacks insulation. With such a cover, approximately 60% of the heat from your tub escapes. Therefore, you need to purchase a cover that is well-insulated and one that is in good condition. You can add a cover lift onto it to make it easier to lift and to keep it in good condition for a long time.

4.   Insulate The Hot Tub Cabinet

If you do not take keen note of insulating the tub properly, a lot of heat can be lost if there is a space between the underside of the shell and the cabinet. It is highly recommended that you get full foam insulation in the hot tub cabinett.


Save Money While Using Your Hot Tub


For instance, there is a spray foam that covers the shell underside all the way to the cabinet. You can do this at the ordering process since the best way to do this is at the factory. If you have already bought your hot tub and it lacks this feature, you can do it as a DIY project. You can stop heat from escaping the hot tub by packing some standard wall insulation or spray foam insulation and packing it inside the cabinet. Keep the heat inside by insulating the inside of the cabinet. This way, you reduce the extra hot tub running costs.

5.   Close the Hot Tub Air Jets

Air brings in cold air into your hot tub which ends up lowering the water temperature. Meaning that, the hot tub is working twice as hard to increase the temperature. It is therefore recommended that you turn the air toggles off especially when you are not using the hot tub, to further reduce the costs for running your hot tub.



6.   Clean the Filter In Your Hot Tub

Cleaning your hot tub filter will give you a beautiful experience while reducing the costs that you need to keep it running at the same time. There will be poor flow of water inside your tub if your filter is dirty and clogged. Therefore while working so hard to pump water through the filters, your hot tub bills eventually increase. You should therefore use an instant or overnight filter cleaner to rinse your filter at least every week. You can also purchase a spare filter so that you can switch them up while cleaning the hot tub.

7.   Upgrade Your Hot Tub

If your hot tub is beyond repair, you can purchase newer models that are more efficient and are cheaper to run as well, as long as it is well built and properly insulated. If you are spending way too much money on energy bills, you should definitely switch to a new model.


Save Money While Using Your Hot Tub


Advantages of Using A Cost Effective Hot Tub

If you’re like most people, you love the idea of owning a hot tub. They provide endless hours of relaxation and can be great for entertaining friends and family. However, hot tubs can also be expensive to maintain. Here are a few tips on how to save money while using your hot tub:

1.    Invest in a good cover

A hot tub cover will help keep the heat in and the dirt and debris out. This will minimize the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your hot tub and also help reduce your energy costs.

2.    Filter regularly

A clean filter is essential for keeping your hot tub water clean and clear. Be sure to check your filter regularly and clean or replace it as needed.

3.    Use a hot tub cover

A hot tub cover will help insulate your hot tub and keep the water warm, which will save you money on energy costs.


4.    Be careful with chemicals

Hot tub chemicals can be expensive, so it’s important to use them sparingly. Only add chemicals to your hot tub as needed and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

By following these tips, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a hot tub without breaking the bank. So, go ahead and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation time! Your wallet will thank you for it.


Save Money While Using Your Hot Tub

In Summary

Expensive electrical bills are more often than not the main reason people turn off or sell their hot tubs. Do not let that be you. We therefore hope that these tips will help you in bringing your running costs down to an amount that you can comfortably sustain. If you have any questions, queries or suggestions feel free to contact us.




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