How to make story cubes for storytelling

How to make story cubes for storytelling

Hello, my name is Maggy and I am visiting from over at Red Ted Art, where I regularly Get Crafty with my two young children!

I believe that crafts should be fun and inexpensive and the majority of my kids crafts and tutorials are made from items around the home (e.g. these Paper Mache Beads or DIY Hobby Horse).

Today, however, I bring you a craft close to my and Becky’s heart – a while back, Becky wrote a moving post about what a wonderful story teller her mother was… if you haven’t read it, go hop over now and take a look. Story telling is a beautiful part of childhood (and I guess adulthood) and should be nurtured wherever possible. It is what bonding, imagination and childhood dreams are made of!

Not all of us a natural story tellers, so here is a simple craft to get you going: STORY CUBES!

Story cubes are simple: you throw the cubes or dice and then make up a story with the images you receive. You can make it easier or harder – e.g. by sticking to a certain order of having to say a paragraph about each item.. or simple make a quick sentence like “We took the camera and took a photo of the penguin playing the guitar”… you will soon find your children adding to the story and expanding them!

Materials: 6-8 25-30mm wooden cubes (available in craft stores like this one), Varnish, Paintbrush, Fine Marker Pen (approx. 0.7 nib), Acrylics (optional if you want “colour” options).

How to make story cubes for storytelling


1) Varnish the cube (this will stop the pen running into the grain) and let dry on a cookie rack. I touched up a couple of sides with a second coat, but strictly speaking one should do the trick!

2) Decide on some prompts: I found it useful to think of all the drawings first and to practice drawing a couple. Remember, it does not have to be an artwork your children will love whatever you draw. When I ran out of ideas (I did ours whilst my children were sleeping), I enrolled the help of my eldest for ideas of what to draw on the remaining cubes! It is useful to balance animals, with food/ drink, with colours (if you want to have some), with objects, with methods of transport – maybe have one of each per cube? Include some favourite things, for us this was a bunny and a train!


3) Draw your prompts!

Finished!  Enjoy telling our stories!

If you fancy seeing more simple How Tos or checking out our Kids Crafts, do stop by at Red Ted Art, we would love a visit!

Thank you Maggy I think these are fab and what a lovely GIFT idea too for a little one’s friends x


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  1. July 11, 2011 / 3:50 pm

    This is the cutest idea I’ve seen for storytelling. Thanks for sharing this tip. It’s great for those kids that are starting to learn about reading and storytelling. Since it’s a cube, there are infinite possibilities. Can’t wait to see if your book is available here in the US.
    Glad to connect with you on Twitter.
    Have a great day,

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