How to Make Coffee More Formal

How to Make Coffee More Formal

Coffee is a part of every day for many people, and so it’s become increasingly casual over time. There’s nothing wrong with this, obviously, but every now and then we all want something a little fancier. Sometimes it’s having a glass of wine with a bath, sometimes it’s buying the expensive chocolates, and sometimes it’s wanting your coffee to feel a bit more special.

For people wanting to make their caffeination an occasion, look no further.



  1. Use Silverware

Far and away the best thing you can do to make your coffee feel more formal is to use silverware. Antique silver coffee pots are staples of most antiques dealers around the world, giving you lots of options to find something special. Silver coffee pots or silver cups and saucers can take you straight to Downton Abbey in a heartbeat, and there’s nothing fancier and more formal than that.

Proper English tea might be the calling of many people around the world when they want a formal start to the day, but coffee can be every bit as refined and sophisticated if you know what to do with it. The best part about having coffee-related silverware? When you’re not using it, it doubles up as stunning décor that makes every other aspect of the room more formal. Having silverware at all is enough to make you feel like the Lord or Lady of the manor, but having silverware you can actually make decent use of is something else entirely.


  1. Additives

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting food colouring and e-numbers in your morning brew. Additives in this sense typically means including a stick of cinnamon in your coffee like a fancy stirrer, or throwing in some other spices like ground cardamom. These additions make your coffee more of an event, creating a refined aesthetic as well as a warming, spicy flavour. If you’ve ever had a pumpkin spiced latte and enjoyed it, then cinnamon should definitely be something you try in your coffee.

In the Middle East, many variations of Turkish coffee are served with a generous helping of spices. To the Turkish perhaps it’s just coffee, but to the Western world, spiced coffee is an exciting new venture that feels like the cutting edge of morning beverages. And rightly so. Warm yourself thoroughly with a spicy kick in your caffeine. Additives can also mean having something on the side with your coffee. Fresh pastry or bread is the ideal accoutrement to make every day feel like a holiday.


How to Make Coffee More Formal


  1. Setting

We can’t all drink our morning coffee on a Parisian balcony every day, though well done you if you do. But we can still try to up our game when it comes to a locale for our morning coffee. Staying home to have your first coffee of the day doesn’t mean you have to sit at the kitchen table and look at this week’s selection of junk mail. Any outdoor space like a garden, yard or balcony can add something special to your coffee.

Fresh air first thing in the morning is so important to looking and feeling cool as hell. A dash of cool autumn air with a steaming hot coffee is the go-to for capturing that ‘strutting down a Manhattan street on the way to a high-power job’ look. If you get your morning coffee to go, you can encapsulate this look even more, being the person who sits outside in the morning air, reading a paper and getting their caffeine fix.

These are just a few simple steps you can use to bring your coffee game to the next level. There’s lots of things that can be improved following these same measures, like eating alfresco or using silver cutlery. Whatever the occasion, be it an event or simply the everyday rabble of tasks, think about the ways you can make everything that bit more special. You’re sure to see its positive effect in all areas of your life.



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