How to make an Olympic Torch

How to make an Olympic Torch

With the summer sporting bonanza nearly upon us, what better way to get the kids excited of a once in a lifetime opportunity then becoming a torch bearer? Everyone can be a winner with this simple idea. Become a torchbearer with your very own foam torch with this handy tutorial by Cutfoam who provide foam cut to size.

You will need:

Red, yellow, orange and white foam sheets



Step 1

First, cut out a long triangle from some white foam, approximately 20cm long. Then cut out another triangle using the first as a guide.

How to make an Olympic Torch


Step 2

Cut out the flame shapes shown; the biggest one in yellow, the middle-sized one in orange and the smallest one in red.



Step 3

Glue the flame shapes together as shown.

Step 4

Cut three shapes out of black foam, as shown, then stick them onto the torch handle (one of the two long white triangles).

Step 5

Glue flames to the top of the other white triangle.


Step 6

Glue the decorated triangle on top of the triangle with the flames, sandwiching the flames between the two triangles. Leave to dry.

How to make an Olympic Torch


On your marks… get set… GO! Now you are ready to join in the fun of the games on July 27th.

This tutorial was brought to you by Cutfoam, the foam cushion specialists who provide people with custom sized foam .



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