How to Keep the Costs Down but Still Keep Your Child Looking Cool and Stylish

 There is no debate that as parents, we spend a lot of money on our children, and the costs can quickly mount up.  However, with a bit of clever shopping from Vertbaudet, buying clothes can be made simpler and more cost effective, and you can buy boys clothes and girls’ dresses and outfits that are stylish, practical and will not break the bank.


 It is a good idea to shop online or from a catalogue.  You will be able to clearly see exactly what you are buying, its material, and how to care for it.  This also avoids taking your children to the shops and having them distracted by things that are unsuitable or overly expensive.  The secret to cost-effective shopping is to choose items that your child will wear often and that are durable so that they will last as long as your child needs them. 

 When choosing clothes, look for staple items that your child will be able to wear often, such as a cardigan in a single or neutral colour that will complement most boys clothes or girls dresses.  The same applies when choosing a coat, jacket, or windcheater.  A reversible windcheater or jacket is very versatile.  Look for a design that can adapt to go with most outfits.  A windcheater in a different colour either side or a jacket that is plain on one side but patterned on the other is ideal, as it offers variety.  Additional features such as a built-in storage bag are always a bonus.  Also consider a reversible hat, as this can simply be turned around if one side is marked.  A simple item such as a denim jacket will wear well, goes with almost anything and your child will be able to wear it on a daily basis. 

It is often much more cost-effective to buy clothes in multipacks.  It is also a simple way to incorporate variety into your child’s wardrobe, as the multipack will often include different colours and designs.  Tops, long or short-sleeved t-shirts and girls’ vest tops, as well as tights and leggings are all available in this way.

 The most cost-effective children’s clothes are the ones that last for as long as your child needs them, and stand up to everyday wear.  Children do not sit still all day, and their clothes need to be suitable for running, climbing, messy play, and other activities.  Cotton is a very durable fabric and is well suited to frequent washing, so for everyday items such as t-shirts, trousers, jeans and dresses, look for items that are 100% cotton or that are rich in cotton, as this will help your children’s clothes to last longer.  There are also certain, subtle features that can be incorporated into the design of girls’ and boys’ clothes that can help them to last longer.  Look out for reinforced knees and ankles that are specially designed to stand up to rough play. 

 If your child receives a clothing gift that is unsuitable, do not immediately discard it.  For example if a skirt is too short, it you may be able to incorporate a pair of your child’s favourite leggings to make it work. 

 Buying boys clothes and girls dresses in a bigger size so that your child can grow into them is not always a good idea, as seasons and trends will always change.  However, with a little bit of creativity, you can have a stylish and versatile wardrobe for your child and great value for money for you.

This is a sponsored post and all clothes featured are from Vertbaudet


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