How to choose the perfect pillow

It’s really easy when you are on a budget to just look for the cheapest options.

I can understand this thinking …you really don’t want to pay over the odds and ‘oh that seems a bargain.’ But, and it is a big BUT, it is really important that what you buy for your home is going to be useful. There is no point buying something cheap  if you are never going to use or it or are going to moan about it endlessly.


A few years ago my husband bought some feathery pillows I have hated them they just do not suit me at all but because he spent a bit of money on them I have felt i had to put up with them . Silly really because for 8 hours a day I have been dissatisfied.

Just as important as getting a good deal is getting the right product.

Reading up on a bedding buying guide prior to splashing out on these pillows would have been a smart move. It turns out that because I sleep on my side and back and get back ache I need extra support and I need something memory foam is a better option for me than feather.

Just spending a few minutes checking you are buying the right thing can save you a lot of money later down the line.  This really goes for duvets and their togs too. We have often got it wrong and a few minutes research would have helped so much.

Knowledge of what you are buying goes hand in hand with smart shopping and ultimately money saving in every area of you home. It’s important to be comfortable and you want to get it right the first time.






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  1. March 5, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    How I wish i did a little research too before buying these pillows.

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