Holidays I dreamt about.

Yesterday I wrote about holidays I had on a budget that hold amazing memories. Now I want to share with you holidays I wish I had been on. We all have those don’t we? The spirit wishes but the purse denies.

As a little girl my best friend went to New York and bought back the statue of liberty (well a little plastic figure) for my Grandad. I thought this was very glamorous and I was very jealous. Her family also went on long camping holidays in France and she would come back brown as a berry and I would just have pink cheeks and scabby knees from playing on the street all day.

As a teenager many of the kids in our school went on the school ski trip. Now don’t get me wrong I am petrified of snow (I know that’s ridiculous) but all the richer kids went skiing and sadly for me that seemed to be most of my friends. I found this tough.

I have friends that worked their way around the world. My sister did the same . How I would have liked to have done this too. New Zealand Australia, long US road trips, exotic places with difficult to pronounce names. How wonderful a whole year to travel.

I saw Thelma and Louise and America was calling loudly to me. I went on Camp America 4 years running to Minnesota, oh such a beautiful place. But I wanted the space and freedom to travel the states and not just to work. Sadly I have never had the money to do this. Is that dream over now. I would love to see Hollywood and Vegas and New Orleans.

In my uni days I would browse in travel agents looking at First Choice brochures to search for a holiday in Ibiza which sounded great as it involved partying all night on the beach, wild nights and sun kissed days. Not on my grant!

I would love to go to India on a train to the markets in the hills. I would love to see an opera in Sydney and men sail small wooden boats on lakes in China. I would love to see a real, perfect, desert island and find out if there really is such a place as Kirren where the famous five were meant to live.

But I have 2 huge wishes.

I would love to take my kids to Disney. Wow.

I would love to go to Montana and ride a horse all by myself across the prairie under the Big Sky and whisper to my mum in heaven that I made it and my biggest and longest lasting holiday dream came true.


Photo credit: Carolyn Conner

Who knows…maybe one day?


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