Here is how we won a Blue Peter badge

This is a guest post from Helen W, a regular reader at Baby Budgeting and a very savvy mum!
blue peter badge
Regular readers of Baby Budgeting’s daily blurb may remember a lovely post about competition entering. This blog reminded us all of how easy it can be to enter a competition and of the fact that someone has to win the stuff. I made a mental note of the principle and thought little more of it until last November my 6 year old excitedly told me that she wanted to enter a Blue Peter competition. If, like me, you remember Blue Peter from your youth and the badges, then you may understand why I agreed that she could enter whilst secretly hoping she would forget all about it. She didn’t. And so mid-November she sat down to craft her entry to the Diamond Jubilee Emblem Competition. I dutifully posted it off, recalling the Baby Budgeting article that someone had to win and went back to my day job.
Fast forward to mid-Feb, my birthday in fact, and a phone call to tell me that my daughter had won a runner’s up prize. Good grief! We now have a Blue Peter badge in the house and it meets full Baby Budgeting criteria as she gets in some places for free as long as I pay. We are off to London Zoo in August as a result and she has also become a free member of the Youth Hostelling Association, so we are off youth hostelling for our hols in a few weeks time.
Did I enter myself? Well, yes. I have won a free day at a local Mad Science summer camp for each of my children – hurray! – which is very much a win-win situation as they want to go and I can get some time off. And I also won a half-day each at our local David Lloyd for their holiday club (you don’t have to be a member to go). A big thank you to Baby Budgeting for planting the seed into my head that competitions have to be won by someone. Hopefully next time it’s YOU!
Anyone else won anything – shout up!!


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