Saving wild tigers, the WWF and mums

One of the larger campaigns of the past few months has been WWF’s drive to increase wild tiger numbers.
Tigers have been a pretty big part of my little boys life – he has aways loved them.

Saving wild tigers

He would stalk around roaring when he was very small,  he has lots of plastic figures which he used to play with for hours and last year he starred as Shere Khan in a drama production. He has been face prainted as a tiger many times and he has read the Tiger that Comes to Tea many more. At 6 I feel he is old enough to understand that along with admiring these magnificent animals we also have a repsonsibilty to protect them. Tigers have given him lots of fun it’s time to give a little something back.

I have just bought him this from the world wildlife fund shop

By buying this you can learn more about Tigers and the WWF, as well as helping to contribute a little towards their magnificent work. The Tiger is the largest of all cat species. It is also one of the most threatened. There are now only an estimated 3200 tigers in the wild so these boxes are sold to help the WWF meet their objective to increase the number of wild tigers to 6,000. ‘Inside the box is a cute plush toy of a tiger, and two booklets: An animal facts booklet and a One Planet booklet.. In addition, inside your pack will be a discount on one year’s full membership adoption of a Tiger.

Please do take a look at their shop after so many toys at Christmas to give a birthday gift this year that is a bit less materialistic and a bit more thought provoking has to be a good thing. Us mums have a lot to thank Tigers for ..they stir our childrens imaginations and endlessly entertain. They need us!

The World Wildlife fund.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) believes in a future where people and nature thrive together. Part of their work is safeguarding the natural world, whether it’s helping to preserve the amazing biodiversity of rainforests, like the Amazon, or protecting individual species, great and small, the WWF is working in every continent to halt and wherever possible reverse dramtic declines in wildlife species and the destructions of the places where they live.


2011 is also the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund being created. They really are a brilliant charity. If you’d like some more information on the efforts the WWF has made over the previous 50 years to help preserve wild animals, why not take a look at this dedicated webpage – WWF 50th Anniversary.





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