Having a Career as a Parent

When you have a baby, or when you have children, it can be difficult to find yourself once more. Most likely, all of your time and your energy is dedicated to looking after children and babies. Finding that all-important time for yourself just no longer seems to be a priority in your life anymore. However, you don’t need to settle in a situation that does not bring out the best in you. You can have everything you want, and you can obtain that dream of having a career while still being there for your kids; all you need to do is focus on planning. If you don’t plan out the steps you will take, then you will struggle to realise your potential, and you will struggle to get the career you know you want and you deserve. So, now that you know it is achievable and well within your reach and capabilities, what should you be working on, and what should you be thinking about first and foremost?


Why It Is Important to Have a Career

To begin with, you need to really think about why having a career is important. Just because you are pursuing your dreams does not mean that you are putting your family on the backburner, and this is something that you need to accept. Having a career and aiming high is important for your children to see, and it is important for you too. You are a mum, but you are also your own person too. It is important that you maintain your identity, and what better way than to follow your dream career path. Without fulfilling and realising your career ambitions, you may always be left with a little bit of doubt. You may always be asking yourself – what if?


Pursuing Your Dreams

You may have held career ambitions or dreams of a new career for many years, or they may be newly founded. Whether the situation or the circumstance, it is crucial that you pursue your dreams. If you do not take the opportunity while you can, you may then find it passes you by. If you let an opportunity or chance to do something that you love pass you by, then ultimately, this could foster feelings of hurt and regret. Without knowing it, or perhaps without realising it, you may be then passing these feelings and emotions unwittingly onto your children. You would feel like there is something that is missing if you choose not to follow or pursue your dreams and your career goals, so stop making excuses and start making action plans.

Deciding What Career Path to Follow

So, just what does your dream career look like? Do you want a career as a Human Resource Manager, or would you like to get into building and construction, perhaps working as a building surveyor? You have lots of options available to you, so which ones do you want to pursue? Deciding just which path to follow can be one of the most difficult parts of the process, so ensure that you take your time to make the right decision. If you are struggling to make the right choice, then look at where your interests lie. For example, if you love teaching your children new things, have you looked at a career as a teacher? Or, if you love having an impact on your local community, why not look at becoming a police officer? Evaluating your skills and your knowledge and looking at your personality traits will help you to make the right decision.

Investing in Yourself and Your Education

You are your best asset. It is important that you focus on your education and your skillset as much as possible. When you invest in yourself, you can ensure that you get the best out of yourself at all times. When it comes to investing in yourself, you need to focus on the areas you need to strengthen and improve. For example, improving how you manage situations and time management are two areas that are critical to any career. When it comes to your education and the requirements for the career you want to pursue, have you been to university, and is this something you want to pursue (or need to pursue) for your dream career? What do you need to improve, and what should you be focusing on to be the best version of yourself?

Maintaining Your Independence

When you have children, of course, you need to do everything for them, and you want to be their parent. However, that does not mean that you do not want to maintain your sense of identity or your independence. Being independent and also showing your children what you are capable of is something that they will appreciate as they get older. When you maintain your independence, you ensure that you can provide for yourself and your children (and those within your household). Independence is a big thing, and if you can achieve it and maintain it, even when you have children, then you will truly feel like a rock star!

Being a Role Model to Your Children

There are lots of people that your children look to for inspiration and for guidance, and wouldn’t it be nice if they looked at you in the same way too. Yes, you are their parent, but you can still be a role model too. You can show them and teach them about what you do, and you can encourage them to follow their dreams too. When you become a true role model in your children’s lives, you then provide them with a strong basis or foundation on which they can then build on. As a role model in the lives of your children, you get to have a tangible impact, and you also get the chance to make a real difference. They may well look at others too, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they saw you as a role model as well, as an example of what a good parent, a good mother/father, or a good provider looks like.

Providing and Building Stability for Their Future

Leaving your children (perhaps at a nursery or with relatives when you go out to work) is difficult, and at the time, it may feel that it is not worthwhile. However, when you pursue a career, you are actually providing and building a strong and stable future for them and for everyone in your household. Stability is something that all children will benefit from, both now when they are younger and in the future, as they become young adults. Your children’s future and your own future are just as important as anything else, and when you have a career that provides this stability, you can feel confident knowing that you have done the best you can for your children.


Having a Career as a Parent

Utilizing Support from Family and Friends

When you want to pursue a career, you are going to need all of the support that you can get. The more support that you have, the easier the transition will be. Reaching out to partners, friends and family will ensure that you never feel alone. Pursuing a career can at times feel lonely and isolating, especially if you are having to leave your children. Seeking and then utilising the support of those around you and those closest to you will ensure that you enjoy the whole process as much as possible.

Getting a Balance

Of course, when you are pursuing and then building a career, you need to ensure that you maintain a healthy balance. Trying to do too much at the same time can leave you feeling overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed. Having too much on your plate is not healthy and certainly not advisable. To overcome this situation, you need to carefully think about how you will maintain a healthy balance. For example, will you look for part-time positions initially so that you can get the right work/life balance? Will you look at work when the children are at school or at nursery so that you do not miss out on too much? What will work for you, and why? You know your family, and you know your personal limitations, and this is why it is only you who can achieve and maintain this balance.


Handling Guilt and Dealing with Bad Days

When you are establishing and pursuing a new career while being a parent, you will come across bad days. You will have those days when guilt overcomes you and then consumes you. Handling guilt and then coping with guilt is something that you need to focus on. You cannot be everything to everyone (at all times), and this is why compromise is important, and so too is finding a balance. Taking the rough days with the smooth and then realising that perfection does not exist will allow you to be the best parent that you can be. While being the best parent you can be, you can still allow yourself to pursue your dreams at the same time too.



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