Good Value Gift Ideas: World Dolls Colouring Book

I know my readers are always looking for good value gift ideas for kids.  From time to time I get products to review that I think make great gifts . I loved this colouring book by Blue Apple and really thought you might too.

Colouring books last kids a long time if they are

1 ) interesting

2) good quality

This one is full of dolls from around the world.  The first page introduces the doll and gives you a picture to colour. The second double page has a little poem about the girl, what she wears and her customs as well as another double page picture to be coloured.

There are over 70 good sized sticker to be placed too. The paper is thick and strong and so each page will look good when coloured in rather than appearing through the other side.

There are dolls to be discovered form 13 nations and places and lots of colouring to be done. This is an informative, fun and educational colouring book that I think is really good value gift ideas. It will last a long time and bring a lot of pleasure.

dolls of the world, good value gift ideas


Dolls of the World Coloring Book  (from around £5 incl P &P)


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