Gifts for Grandparents from Grandchildren

Gifts for grandparents from grandchildren can be tricky so I have done thinking for you and come up with my 5 top tips for brilliant gifts that grandparents will really love.


Gifts for Grandparents from Grandchildren

Homemade Gifts for grandparents from grandchildren

Grandparents go mad for homemade gifts and grand-kids have great fun making them.

Handmade, homemade gift ideas could include homemade gingerbread men, hand- drawn pictures, snowman bath bombs or perhaps a little plant pot of spring bulbs planted by the kids themselves. There are any number of possibilities. It is lovely for grandparents to know that their loved little ones have spent time and energy and imagination creating something just for them.

It is so entirely precious to receive a homemade gift. And, it doesn’t have to only be child grandchildren that go down the homemade, hand-made route. If you are an older grandchild maybe you could put together a hamper for them or make the a beautiful bedspread or a scarf or a  meal?

It is all about thought, creativity and care.



Accessible Gifts

Age UK Mobility have lots of ideas on their website to make life easier for older people and people with mobility issues and these would make lovely gifts to give to your grandparents.

There is not a great deal more useful than the ability to be as mobile or as independent as possible.

What a gift indeed – perhaps you are thinking of a walk-in bath or shower to make bathing much easier and more pleasant for them. Perhaps a stair lift could make a difference to their life, enabling them to access the upstairs or go out more easily into the garden.  There are lots of ideas for gifts that can make a difference.


Memory Gifts

Memory gifts are lovely to give to grandparents.

I’m thinking photograph albums, or a special photo blowing up and framing.

Images capture lovely times and shared experiences and they make very special gifts for grandchildren to gift.


Gifts for Grandparents from Grandchildren


Experience gifts

Taking your grandparent for a trip down memory lane as a gift is absolutely delightful and they are guaranteed to just love it. Maybe you could revisit somewhere you have been before for a day trip or a holiday or perhaps you could revisit somewhere special to them e.g the place they were born. Time shared is never time wasted and it is great for stocking up the memory banks.


grandma gifts

Technology gifts for Grandparents from Grandchildren

Technology gifts for your grandparents can absolutely open their world up.

They will have so much fun watching old movies on Netflix or  asking Alexa to play old tunes they used to love. Face timing with their great grandchildren will help them feel more connected and being able to use a smart phone well will help them feel safer. Technology is an amazing gift but very importantly alongside such a gift you would want to give your time too to make sure that they know how to use it comfortably, easily and competently.


I hope you are feeling inspired!



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