From Casual Wear to Evening Wear in One Dress

Today – From Casual Wear to Evening Wear in One Dress

Packing outfits for an occasion can, as we all know, take some serious preparation and space in the travel bag or suitcase. But by using a bit of creativity we can save ourselves a lot of hassle. We all know that, over the course of a day, we will need different outfits to suit the style of the particular occasion.
Female celebrities at their glittering awards shows and ceremonies have made a trend out of wardrobe changes every hour or two.
It works for the celebs and you can make it work for you – only without as much effort and expense!


From Casual Wear to Evening Wear in One Dress

The Maxi Dress

We took one of our stylish and comfortable maxi dresses and accessorised it to create four different looks.
The maxi dress is the perfect garment to build your different looks around over the course of a day and summer events are perfect for this.
During the Day
It is easy to create a casual yet classy, summery look without going over the top. Quite simply supported by a pair of plain sandals, in a contrasting colour to your maxi dress, this combination strikes the right balance.
We have gone with a light, skin tone on our sandals to complement our black and white maxi dress . This simple yet striking ensemble will go perfectly with any relaxed activities, especially if you are having brunch or a light bite for lunch with friends.

From Casual Wear to Evening Wear in One Dress

Daytime Party
With an afternoon party in the offing, a quick change of footwear is necessary. Plus, with the weather (hopefully) better, it is a great chance to show off your feet – and it gives you a valid reason to treat yourself to a pedicure.
We have gone with a very simple style of flip flop, adorned with a flower as a nice nod to the floral pattern on the maxi dress. But this is a party and so you will want to give your outfit a touch of pizazz. We have chosen a pink safari style scarf to keep your shoulders covered and a silver bangle to inject a touch of glamour.

Pink often balances well with black and white coloured dresses, standing off it but not garishly. These subtle additions will turn heads and ensure that you feel at home mingling amongst others in the summer sun, champagne glass in hand.

Evening Wear
As the day dims into evening, a more formal affair might dictate a need for a little more glamour. If there is a sit down meal for instance, replacing your scarf with a thin, sparkly suit jacket styled top will ensure your style moves more towards sophistication.

With a more formal affair, the key is to keep your colour variation to a minimum, which is why our jacket top is black and necklace is silver. It is a comfortable look with a touch of panache.

It is possible to take the maxi dress look a step further if you have a wedding. As we all know wedding are formal affairs – in most instances – and there is a requirement to look smart. Using the same maxi dress we have achieved this simply by adding a bolero jacket and understated yet glamorous accessories such as a pearl style bracelet and matching earrings. A clutch bag is always useful for occasions such as this.

So, by using a single dress we have achieved what most celebrities achieve with an army of stylists. You can look good and fit in at any occasion with a few subtle changes.


From Casual Wear to Evening Wear in One Dress – hope you enjoyed it!


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