Flavoured or traditional? How to pick the right tea for you

How to pick the right tea for you

Our entire lives are dominated by choice; from where we choose to study and work to the clothes we don in the morning and the food we choose to ingest, life is just one endless decision making process. Whilst some individuals seek to eliminate the time taken by making such choices – with Albert Einstein allegedly keeping numerous sets of the same clothes in his wardrobe in order to eliminate choice in the morning – there are those of us who embrace change in all its glory.

One area which has witnessed significant diversity of late is that concerned with the brewing of tea. Whereas once the main choice would have been between whole leaf loose tea and teabags, nowadays the flavour and blend of the tea is just as crucial.

With everything from fruit flavoured varieties to traditional blends available on the market, picking the right tea can be difficult. The desire to find the perfect hot beverage has even led to the distribution of awards, with the Great Taste Awards 2012 recently celebrating a number of Twinings teas.

In total, six of their loose leafed varieties, four of their green tea blends and four of their tea bags were awarded gold stars for their superior taste and delicate infusion of flavours. Representing just a small proportion of their extensive product range, those looking for the perfect tea will have plenty of options to weigh-up – a decision which this guide aims to facilitate.


How to pick the right tea for you

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Calming Camomile

For those with a lot of daily strains and pressures, camomile tea is often recommended as the best cure. The ingredient itself is often administered as a treatment for anxiety and panic attacks, with other ailments such as stomach cramps also claimed to benefit from its calming properties.

The decision to infuse camomile with tea is an obvious decision when it comes to generating a calming effect, with the therapeutic properties of drinking a cup of tea already well recognised. The warmth of the drink combines with the subtle blend of flavours to create the perfect drink for those in need of relaxation.

Tasty Traditional

For those with a more conventional palette, traditional teas can be found in abundance. These are ideal for purists who appreciate nothing more than a subtle blend of flavours served in a cup and saucer.

Of course, modern diversity means that nowadays you can have a great deal of control over the exact flavour of your traditional tea. Many varieties will detail exactly what leaves are contained and in what quantities. Sampling different blends and finding the perfect one for you could therefore become a highly rewarding pursuit.

Fresh and Fruity

Lastly, for those who want tea which injects a little fun and adventure into their cup, fruit flavoured varieties are sure to be popular. Again, these come in numerous varieties and you can have everything from summer fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, to tropical fruits, such as pineapple and mango, added to your tea.

These are ideal for those looking for a tasty and refreshing drink and can work just as well as iced teas as they do as hot beverages.




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  1. September 7, 2012 / 6:15 am

    My husband has discovered fruit teas and we’ve been drinking loads more instead of caffineated ones. I love liquorice and fennel and the spicy ones.

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