Fearne Cotton, Maternity Clothes and Me

I saw Fearne Cotton last week on Children in Need heavily pregnant and showing it off. She looked funky and fabulous in a skin tight sheer and sequin dress that totally hugged her bump.

Last week she told Company magazine

‘I’m not keen on the idea of elasticated  waistbands, so I’m sticking mainly with clothes I like but in bigger sizes!  Maybe I’ll have to go a bit more boho but nothing too off the beaten  track.

‘I usually plan three looks before I go to  bed and then decide how I feel when I get up. Some days I’ll put something  daring and bright on and other times I just want to hide away so I go black and  baggy.’

It made me reflect on my own maternity wear days.

Elasticated waists were everything to me!

I had a tough pregnancy hormones, sickness every day and a general feeling of urrgh. Money was a bit tight too. I lived in about 3 items.

I had some uber stretchy jeans with a big elasticated tummy panel which were fabulous pre and post baby !  I had a mini denim maternity pinafore dress which I all but lived in and I had a some big stretchy black sort of yoga pants that made me look like a house.  All my huge tops were from the supermarket maternity range. I didn’t look very exciting or glamorous. Not once.

Not like Fearne.

If I had my time again (and a bigger budget than I had ) I would make sure i had at least one glam dress so i could have a beautiful bump photo (my bumps were always gorgeous but you know what I mean).

I love this maternity dress from Tiffany Rose

posh maternity dress, glam maternity

or what about this one….

formal maternity wear, glamorous maternity

If I ever go down the baby road again (probably not) I will channel Fearne and get glam!



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