Family fun in London on a budget

I have just had a sit down with the kids and a bit of a chat about money.

At 6 and 9 I think its time they at least new a bit about how family budgets work.This helps keep expectations realistic and bodes well for their future i think. Obviously we keep it lighthearted.

First of all we  renegotiated pocket money. I like them to save a little, give a little and spend a little ( good advise for us all!) They decided they wanted to give a pound each to Water Aid each month and save a pound and we negotiated a little pocket money raise (they make me proud).

We also talked about plans for fun over the coming year. The kids have such ideas ! These involved Disney, Center Parcs, another trip to Cornwall, Greece and the like. I had to explain we have  limited funds and we need to choose a few ideas and not try to travel the world in a year!

Last year we had a weekend in London .

Oh it was lo lovely. We did lots of the usual touristy things  the National history museum , a duck tour , the London eye. there was a whole raft of activities we didn’t get to do though and the kids are very keen to return. I never really visited London much as  a child so have missed out on lots of touristy things too. We have decided a return trip to London is a must.

Obviously saving money is always a consideration and London is notoriously pricey. Two great ways to see London on a budget  include:

  • Booking train fares well in advance and maybe purchasing a friends and family card..this can make a big fsdifferende and you recoup the outlay quickly.
  • Getting a London Pass  The benefits of getting  aLondon Pass are huge: You get…

Free entry to over 60+ top London attractions and tours

Including Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the London Bridge Experience, a Thames River Cruise and many more ( we would love to visit the Tower!)
Free 160+ page Guidebook

Packed with useful information about the attractions including directions and maps and discounts at loads of restaurants and shops

Added Travelcard option

Unlimited travel on all public transport in London when you include travel with your order
You can also skip queses with the pass a is always a bonus with little kids!

The London pass has wonderful reviews and is considered excellent value for money so well worth considering if you have lots of touristy things planned.

So London is a definite for us, a camping trip, visiting friends in Scotland and we want to squeeze in some seaside days too.

I  feel the warm glow of a coming year of family fun ahead.




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