Faber-Castell Creative Craft Set with Connector Pens

My kids love craft and they love trying out new crafts set. We were delighted to be given the chance to review the new Faber -Castell connector pen crafts set. Such a trusted brand and these looked really different. My 2 adore colouring in and over the last couple of years there had been a big revival in colouring ofr adults too.

I have to say I find it relaxing.

The Faber-Castell Craft Sets includes 12 connector pens, 50 connector caps, 20 connector clips, 6 Artwork sheets and an instruction booklet. You use the connectors to make exciting shapes to go with the theme of the pack

There is a jungle set an ocean set and a desert set.

We decided to have a go with the ocean set first.  It was a little tricky (but then it’s not my thing) my 6 and 9 year old found itmuch easier than me. Do you want to see what they made?

Connector Pens

Priced at £7.99

It was a lot of fun.


We learnt some good building skills.

It kept everyone busy and focussed for ages!

And we were so very proud  of the end results!

I think this

makers a lovely gift idea..lots of play potential and unique!

Available from Amazon & www.stonemarketing.com  



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