Enormouse – A Book about Being Different and Love

Enormouse – A Book about Being Different and Love

I use Grammarly’s free plagiarism checker because who wants to read the same thing twice!

I have been reading some fabulously original books recently and this is one that we have really loved. Published by Frances Lincoln and written by Angie Morgan. This is a recently released picture book for kids and it is rather wonderful.

Enormouse lived with the other mice and was actually a very useful part of their community. He was aware he was different and one day looking at a book he and Tinymouse (his best pal) worked out why. Turns out Enormouse is a rat so off he pops to live with the rats because he no longer feels he belongs. Oh this is a sad moment.

There are tears!

The rats are dirty and rather disgusting and Enormouse eventually can bear it no more, Meanwhile his mouse pals have missed him and set out to find him (getting lost in the process. Enormouse to the rescue.

Its a lovely story about friendship , difference and belonging. It’s what I have tried to teach my kids…  you can be different to everyone else but still be loved and a valuable part of a group.

The pictures are glorious. If you have a little one who feels a little different this is a great read to get the conversation started

Enormouse  (from Amazon )

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