Easy Paper Projects

Easy Paper Projects


Easy Paper Projects

As a family we have always adored crafting, especially easy paper projects. How thrilled were we when our favourite crafter Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art bought out a whole book on Easy Paper Projects.

Long-time fans of Maggy ‘s crafting we were delighted to preview this book. It has 60 simple paper projects that are unusual, fun and accessible .


Easy Paper Projects

What we loved about Easy Paper Projects

There are a lot of things we loved about this book.

It is so colourful and vibrant you just want to dive right in and get crafting. My daughter has a hard time deciding which craft to tackle first.

The projects are just so much fun too and a really diverse range..from making hair bows, to pencil pots, bok marks to wedding cards there really is a huge choice and they are all so do-able!

The thing we have always liked most about is how clear they are. Some craft can be really intimidating but this is not the case at all with Easy paper Projects. For each craft, there are simple step-by-step photographs as well as super simple to follow written instructions. This means little to no adult supervision is required and there is no crafty frustration!

We loved that the only materials you needed were paper scissors glue and a ruler it made it a very inexpensive and eco-conscious way to craft.


A little family of llamas

Eventually, my daughter did decide what to make and she made a little family of llama cards. I made one too. We love to craft side by side,

Aren’t they the cutest?

This book is going to save me a fortune in buying cards!


Easy Paper Projects

Final thoughts

Big thumbs up for Easy Paper Projects from our house. We know this lovely book is going to bring us many hours of companionable and inexpensive crafting pleasure.


Red Ted Art around the web

You can also find Maggy blogging at Red Ted Art and vlogging over at Red Ted Art YouTube where she has over half a million followers (wow!)


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