Does spare cash bring happiness

Does spare cash bring happiness?

Well you would think the answer was an obvious yes, wouldn’t you?

I think most of us believe that if we have some spare cash we would be happier. The more money we have the more fun and relaxation we can buy, nicer possessions, lovelier holidays too? More meals out, maybe we can afford a cleaner. All these ideas are certainly making me smile . How lovely all those things would be.

So yes,, the correlation between spare cash and happiness does seem to be clear  and I think this is the same for all of us don’t you?

But the reality is not that simple. It never is is though is it!  SunLife have done some research into the cost of happiness and produced this interesting infographic that encouragingly links good budgeting to feeling good too!

I live in the East Midlands and I am sorry to say it is not looking too happy there! I however am a happy sould…do you think maybe this is becuase I am good with my money and  am able to have a bit of spare cash?

Who knows but I do hink budgeting and feeling in control most defintaly makes you fee better.

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I’m with Spike!


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