Do you bribe your kids? (answer a quick survey and win lollibop tickets!)

Do you bribe your kids ?

“Can you please stop that scream – if you do, I’ll give you a chocolate button!?”

Have you ever said that in the heat of the moment? I am betting that something similar has happened up and down the country, and is probably happening now. Toddlers can really ring those annoyance bells, can’t they? Do does this mean that bribing is more common amongst parents than we think?


Well are trying to find out with the a new 1 minute survey, so why not pop on over to this post to answer their six quick questions.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of family festivals, then even better! Enter the competition over on the KiddyCharts site to win a FREE family pass to Lollibop, filling out the survey as part of your entry.

So go on, let’s help KiddyCharts to give new parents, just like Wills and Kate, a realistic view of parenting from the frontline!


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