5 Crafty kids giveaways and an inspiring idea from docraft

Thanks to Docraft for this giveaway and  crafting ideas

You will find lots of kids craft projects to keep kids occupied through June whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or a typical British rainy day! Visit http://www.docrafts.com and check out the children’s section

 Being a parent on a budget doesn’t mean that your little ones need to miss out! Simply set them up in the garden with their crafting tools and a picnic and watch their imagination run wild , whilst you can indulge you crafty imagination indulge in the docrafts Creativity! Magazine.

 Docrafts also hold free events in local Creativity! stores which are packed with inspiration! Check out their website to find your nearest event.

How to make an  amazing aquariun – from Docraft

Fun Foam Shapes


Anita’s Tacky Glue – PVA 22171

With just a few funky foam shapes and a bit of imagination you can create so many great fun animals and shapes!

To make the flower – Cut narrow slices from a large purple funky foam circle. Repeat with a smaller circle of pink foam. Glue the layers together with a small white circle and a tiny purple circle on top.

To make the fish – Cut a slice from a large blue foam circle for the fish mouth. Cut two fin shapes and a tail from blue foam and glue in place behind the circle. Cut a side-fin shape from green foam and glue in place. Add a large wiggly eye in place to complete.

To make the crab – glue two small circles at the top of a larger circle and add a wiggly eye to each. Cut two claw shapes from circles of foam. Use two small circles and glue in place as shown. Cut 8 leg shapes and glue in place on the reverse of the crab. Cut a white circle in half to make a mouth and glue in place. 


There are 5 crafty prizes to give away! Get creative with kids favourite Craft Planet by making your very own puzzle. Win a puzzle making kit (RRP £1.50) and a bumper Sticker Album Kit in a summer theme (RRP £3.49)


To enter simply

1. Subscribe to this blog an let me know below

2. Leave your name


A winner will be picked at random on June 28th. UK residents only please. Good luck.



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    June 21, 2010 / 11:43 pm

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