Coronavirus Second Wave Could Affect School Return in September

The spread of coronavirus in the UK has kept pupils out of school for a whopping six months. According to experts, we are not yet out of the woods. The second wave of infections may sweep across the country this September. If this happens, pupils returning to schools will be vulnerable. The government may have to reinforce another lock-down. Unfortunately, this will derail students who are already looking forward to recovering the lost time.



Preparation for the Second Wave of Coronavirus

If there is a second wave of coronavirus infections, school life will never be the same again. The management of every school will have to take all of the necessary precautions or the government will shut schools down indefinitely. Such an outcome is terrible for parents, pupils, and the country at large.


How Schools Should Prepare

Below are some ways in which schools could prepare :


Observing proper hygiene

In anticipation of the second wave of coronavirus, educators must ensure that the school environment is safe. Part of this will include the new normal. Pupils will have to sanitize regularly either through washing their hands or using sanitizing booths. In light of this, schools will have to comply with the government directives. They must install enough taps or sanitizer dispensers in most areas of the school. These may include at the entrance of each class, staff offices, bathrooms, and so on.



Observing social distancing

Another massive precautionary aspect that schools might find it hard to cope with is social distancing. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut around it. An average classroom had about 20 pupils before the pandemic. In the wake of COVID-19, experts argue that a classroom should have at least 15 pupils. It is the only that students can affect social distancing effectively.

If schools were to cut down the number of pupils to 15, then some would have to miss school. Educators are trying to find a solution so that this does not happen. The remedy to this problem will revolve around creating more room.


To meet the social distance requirements, schools may have to build new classes. The objective is to ensure that pupils sit two meters apart. Even so, the realistic approach is to provide makeshift classes made from less expensive materials. After all, they will have no use after the pandemic is over and schools may choose to take them down. Besides that, time is not on the side of the educators and they need to move quickly. Fortunately, with modern technology, putting up new temporary classes will not be a problem.

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Teachers to Wear Face Masks

Given that coronavirus is spread through droplets, teachers will have to wear masks around the school compounds and especially in classrooms. The pandemic does not leave educators with many options. They will have to work with what is available because pupils being in schools will allow parents to work.


Constraints That Teachers Are Facing With School Reopening

A return to normalcy is still far from happening. As teachers look forward to school reopening, most concerns revolve around staff shortage, physical distancing, and limited space. Furthermore, creating the much needed extra space will require monetary resources. The chances are that all pupils will not be in schools come September. However, makeshift classes with proper ventilation will play an integral role in getting children back to school.


The problem with this pandemic is that even experts cannot tell when it will end. Scientists are still far away from finding a vaccine or cure. Parents need to work while children have to learn. That said, getting pupils back to school is necessary.


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