Cool Cardz Scratcheez

Cool Cardz Scratcheez Laminating Craft Kit

The summer holidays are upon us and we need a few good, toy time treats up our sleeve, specially for a rainy day.



Now my daughter is 9 her crafting tastes are getting quite a bit more sophisticated. This Cool Cards Scratcheez kit really was perfect.  You can design, laminate and reveal secret messages and patterns and it’s such fun.It is also pretty simple and there is no heat or mess, so you really can just leave them to get on with it.


Easy to use

All they have to do is pick a card and write or draw their message then stamp it or colour it with the bits and bobs provided. Next, they simply use the chic handbag to laminate it.  Then they can add a special sticker which their friends can then scratch off to reveal hidden message or drawing,

They can also add a pattern reveal sticker which scratches off to reveal a colourful pattern.


It is a lovely kit and there is a huge amount of fun to be had with this. My daughter thoroughly enjoys making secret message cards for her pals.


The Scratcheez kit costs £19.99 and is available from Amazon and leading toy retailers.



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