Community at Heart and Retired Greyhounds

Today – Retired Greyhounds

Some companies like to support their local communities.

SSE gives each of their 22,000 employees the opportunity to take a day out of their typical working life to support a local community project. Isn’t this I a great idea. It gives the staff a change from their day to day and it ‘gives something back’. Its a win -win. organisations, charities or group can now “borrow” a team of hands, minds, ideas or skills completely free of charge from SSE.

They can be contacted at

The SSE community volunteering project is called “Community at Heart”, The video below shows this project in action. some of their employees spent the day with retired greyhounds that are up for adoption at Greyhound Rescue Fife The sanctuary was set up to help the unwanted greyhounds reaching the end of their racing careers. The Greyhound Rescue Fife is capable of kennelling between 40-50 dogs. While staying here the dogs are usually vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas and often neutered. ”

You can find out more about community at heart by following the link.


Retired Greyhounds

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